Neighborhood Services Overview

Neighborhood Services is committed to connecting residents to the resources they need for a thriving neighborhood.

When it comes to neighborhoods, there is so much to learn! The story is just as true on our side as it is on yours. We would be delighted to visit your neighborhood to hear about the characteristics that make you and your neighbors proud to call it "home." Every neighborhood has its own style - we've been introduced through posterboards and storytelling, walking tours, and more formal office sit-downs. Whatever way you'd like to share, we'll be there to listen.

Alternatively, we'd be happy to attend an association meeting to tell residents a bit more about the services offered by our team. Email to arrange either type of introduction.

Neighborhood Plans 

At the direction of the Sarasota County Commission, Neighborhood Services works with selected neighborhoods to develop individual Neighborhood Plans.

Elements of a Neighborhood Plan include:

  • Defining community character
  • Identifying areas of improvement
  • Determining community assets
  • Addressing areas of concern
  • Listing of priorities (with possible funding sources)

Neighborhood Plans are time and resource intensive, requiring significant commitment from both county staff and the neighborhood community.

County staff and residents work together to develop a vision for the neighborhood, identify issues and implement solutions. The neighborhood planning process empowers neighborhood communities to make the changes they wish to see in their neighborhoods, which makes Sarasota Country a better place to live, work and play.

Past Neighborhood Plans

  • Fruitville 210
  • Kensington Park
  • Laurel
  • North Sarasota
  • Old Miakka
  • Pinecraft (a privately-initiated plan was also created in 2014)

Lakeshore Village Photo Slideshow

Lakeshore Village Condominium Association is located next to Mirror Lake Rookery. The neighborhood hypothesized that by naturalizing their shorelines, they could expand the territory for the birds. With partial funding from the county’s Neighborhood Initiative Grant Program, their project is now complete (although their quest to improve our waterways continues!).

  1. Several years ago, the community was experiencing erosion. They were concerned about loss of land and compromised trees.
  2. Lakeshore Village reclaimed several feet of shoreline with the use of geotubing, but also needed to change their practices to prevent repeat erosion. Because mowing to the water’s edge can accelerate erosion and pollution, they instituted a no-mow zone on the edges of their ponds.
  3. They also tried installing aquatic plants to protect the newly-reclaimed shoreline – but the ponds didn’t have littoral shelves (shallow spaces near the edge) to secure the plants. The plants were floating away! Flexing their creativity, the community used geotextiles to hold sediment in place and create underwater planting areas.
  4. Now the aquatic plants are anchored in place and loving it.
Lakeshore Village Condo Association_1
Lakeshore Village Condo Association_2
Lakeshore Village Condo Association_3
Lakeshore Village Condo Association_4



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